Extruded plastic netting and knitted plastic netting

GuangTong is a leading manufacture specializing in produce various kinds of plastic netting. Our plastic netting is processed and made of polyethylene and polypropylene. It has the performances of wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, fine toughness. Our various products cover extruded plastic mesh and knitted mesh. These netting have different shapes, such as diamond netting, square mesh netting, expanded netting and geo grid netting. In addition, plastic netting can used in various fields, such as, windbreak mesh, anti- bird net, anti-gnat mesh, engineering plastic mesh, turf reinforcement mesh, agriculture net, shade net for greenhouse, debris netting and pipeline protection plastic mesh, mine support stretched plastic mesh.

Plastic netting is service for construction safety, grass reinforcement, gardening, agriculture, sea farm, geogrid and engineering. For example, extruded plastic net (280gr/sqm mesh size 17 × 17mm and 20 × 20mm) with heavy edges for tree guards, and extruded plastic square mesh 15mm × 15mm × 1.2m × 30m rolls for sea farm cages.
Color: Black, white, blue, green, yellow, red.

Plastic mesh offered by usExtrude plastic mesh is an all purpose plastic mesh that can be used for long lasting support netting of climbing plants, barrier fencing and tree guards. It is made from quality materials through extrusion process to form various plastic mesh and netting products. Extruded plastic mesh can be produced in a wide range from barrier fencing plastic mesh with lightweight to heavy turf reinforcement plastic mesh and safety mesh against theft, pets. Common opening types for extruded plastic mesh include rectangular, round and diamond mesh types. Available color includes Orange, purple, black, green, red, and white.

Heavy duty plastic debris safety netting is made of lasting polyethylene materials for construction site safety in various sizes and specifications. It has excellent strength to protect you from falling down and being hurt. In orange, blue, yellow and white colors. This type plastic mesh is normally supplied in 4' width and 150' length in the form of knitted wire netting. With the features of stays flexible in cold weather, Fire retardant, High visibility, and Economical and cost effective, Debris safety netting is used as vertical debris protection in windy areas, sand blast curtains, scaffold enclosures, vision barrier, wind protection, protection of pedestrians, vertical and horizontal debris netting.

Orange safety fence barrier is made of PP materials is a highly visible barrier with oval mesh openings, UV protected. It is often used to cordon off danger areas at construction and excavation sites, traffic control, sporting events, road work, home and garden. For example, orange safety nets 80gsm, in rolls of 1 × 50, 1 × 100 and 1.2 × 50mts for building and Garden. Common use colors are orange, green, and black. The width of orange safety fence is about from 90cm to 120cm, weight no less than 120g/sqm.

Knitted mesh with a mesh size of 2mm by 3mm and produced from polyethylene threads. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Suitable as a windbreak netting, it will protect plants and seed beds from wind, frost or strong sunlight. Ideal for shading conservatories, greenhouses & polytunnels in summer. Incorporates sewn eyelets for easy fixing. 6-8 year life. 50% Density. Colour - Green.

New plastic netting specifications:
Mesh: 14 × 14. wire diameter 0.17mm. weight 35 - 40g/m.
Mesh: 22 × 22. wire diameter 0.22mm. weight 60g/m.
Colors: White, green.
Width: 1.5m, 2m, 3m.
Length: 40m.
Use: Window screening insect.
The packing: Each roll in a plastic bag, then 10 rolls in a woven bag.

Flexible Windbreak Netting

Flexible windbreak netting can prevent dust pollution for various fields through weakening wind speed and absorbing flying dust.

Plant Support Mesh

Plant support netting is used horizontally by stretching - in the herbaceous border for delphiniums, chrysanthemums, or in the vegetable plot for broad beans.

Plastic Flat Netting

Plastic flat netting is supplied with colors available: black, orange, blue. Black and white. Flat plastic netting is used in petroleum, chemical industry, agriculture, building.

Extruded Plastic Mesh

Extruded plastic mesh is made by extrusion process with plastic mesh for long lasting support netting of climbing plants, barrier fencing and tree guards.