Orange Safety Fencing Used for Building and Garden

Detailed Product Description

The material of this orange safety fence is PP, it is used to cordon off danger areas at construction and excavation sites. For example, orange safety nets 80 gsm, in rolls of 1 × 50, 1 × 100 and 1.2 × 50 mts for building and Garden.

Safety Fence

  • Colors: Orange, green, black, etc.
  • Width: 90 - 120 cm
  • Weight: Not less than 120g/sqm


  • Construction Sites.
  • Traffic Control.
  • Sporting Events.
  • Industrial Facilities.
  • Road Work.
  • Home and Garden.
Orange Safety Fencing
Orange Safety Fencing
Orange Safety Fencing
orange safety fencing
Art. No. Mesh Size Weight Specs
PLF0601 40×65 mm 130g/m2 1 m×50 m
PLF0602 40×65 mm 130g/m2 1.2 m×50 m
PLF0603 40×65 mm 140g/m2 1 m×50 m
PLF0604 40×65 mm 140g/m2 1.2 m×50 m
PLF0605 40×65 mm 160g/m2 1 m×50 m
PLF0606 40×65 mm 160g/m2 1.2 m×50 m
PLF0607 40×65 mm 180g/m2 1 m×50 m
PLF0608 40×65 mm 180g/m2 1.2 m×50 m
PLF0609 40×65 mm 200g/m2 1 m×50 m
PLF0610 40×65 mm 200g/m2 1.2 m×50 m
PLF0611 40×65 mm 240g/m2 1 m×50 m
PLF0612 40×65 mm 240g/m2 1.2 m×50 m
PLF0613 40×65 mm 250g/m2 1 m×50 m
PLF0614 40×65 mm 250g/m2 1.2 m×50 m
PLF0615(extruded) 55×55 mm 550g/m2 1m×30 m
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