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Biofiltration media is merely a mass of surfaces serving as the attachment basis for microorganisms. The spacing between these surfaces is important, both for the passage of water and to provide sufficient room for bacterial growth. Try to filter out solids prior to the biofilter.

Many white plastic filter medias


  • Bio-barrels: A polypropylene media available in 5 sizes, positive in buoyancy, natural in color.
  • Plastic media balls can be used in trickle towers, degassing towers, wet/dry filters, canister filters, pond filters overflow boxes, sumps; use them for biological filtration, increasing gas exchange and improving filter performance.
  • Biocord is an economical biofilter media that consists of a center cord covered with countless rings of thread. The threads have a slight positive charge and, when placed in water, attract bacteria and solids that, in nature, have a slight negative charge. It is commonly used in lakes, ponds, sewage treatment facilities and in the aquaculture industry.

Ceramic filter media:

Ceramic grain filter is made of high quality argil. Appending with hole-former and bonder, the granules of spherical shape form after ball grinding, filtering, moulding and calcining. The product has uniform granule, red and brown appearance, flinty and porous surface, interlaced with holes and net as well as strong absorption function. In the water treatment, it has the characteristic of strong capacity in sewage treatment, fast filtering speed, long period and low strength in anti-washing. Ceramic granule filter is a new type of filter which can increase the water production, improve the water quality and save the energy loss, therefore an ideal of filtering material in water plant, filtering pool and oil filtering pool in oil refinery.

Physical properties:

  • Appearance: Spherical, surface with red brown, porous.
  • Grain diameter: 0.5mm - 32mm.
  • Sight density: 1.0 - 1.19g/cm³.
  • Density: 2.26g/cm³.
  • Void space: 55%.
  • Breaking and wearing rate: 1.62%.
  • Non uniform factor: K80=1.84.
  • Uniform factor: K60=1.47.
  • Soluble rate of HCL: 2.83%.
  • Soluble rate of NaOH: 1.50%.
  • Solute: No dangerous rare element to human.
  • Absorbing capacity: 101 grade of value is 10% absorbing capacity of active carbon.

Ceramic filter ball/sand media:

Ceramic filter ball / sand media has stable chemical performance, including attrition resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, large specific surface area, strong sewage treatment capacity, good absorption, uniform granule, appropriate specific weight, and long lifetime. This product is widely used in the single layer filtering pool, multi-layer filtering pool and mechanical filter, to deal with various industrial water, city tap water, city sewage, pure water, soft water, and act as biologic filter to treat organic sewage. Moreover, it can deal with various industrial dust and soot of boiler. Because of the accession of anti-corrosive rare earth in the lanthanide and actinide series, apart from the performance of common ceramic sand, the performance in anti-corrosion is further improved, and contain more stable SiO2, particularly suitable for chemical water treatment in boiler and production of super pure water.

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