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Plastic filter mesh tube, also known as plastic filter tube, plastic netting tube or plastic mesh extruded tube, has a cylindrical shape with diamond or square meshes. It is extruded in one single-step, so it has a more stable and stronger structure than seamed filter mesh tubes. The plastic filter tubes which made of PP, PE have high strength, rigidity and they are widely applied to the filter cartridge, filter media, and other filter products for the support, separator and filtration function. Besides, they are used in protection of delicate filtration media and used in outer shields as a core protection.

A plastic mesh tube with big square mesh opening.

PFMT-01: The extruded plastic filter netting tube has bigger mesh openings.

A plastic filter mesh tube with small mesh opening.

PFMT-02: The anti-corrosion and pressure plastic filter tube with small mesh openings can be used in filter media and cartridges.

Plastic filter tubes in black, white, red and yellow.

PFNT-03: There are different sizes and colors' plastic filter mesh tubes.

Several plastic filter tubes are packed orderly in a box and a tube is held by a hand.

PFMT-04: Firm Plastic filter mesh tubes are extruded and have stable structure.

Specifications of plastic filter mesh tube:

  • Materials: PE, PP, HDPE.
  • Hole shape: square, diamond.
  • Diameter: 30–140 mm.
  • Thickness: 2–6 mm.
  • Open area: 30%–75%.
  • Color: black, white or customized.

Features of plastic filter mesh tube:

  • High strength and rigidity.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Stable structure.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Acid and alkali resistant.
  • Anti-rust.
  • High and low temperature resistant.

Applications of plastic filter mesh tube:

  • Used for support, filtration and separation in filter cartridges, media.
  • As a core for pleated, wound or depth filter elements.
  • Anolyte circulation system.
  • Used in ultra filters and anode cells.
The diamond plastic filter mesh tube is covering some pleated filter mesh.

PFMT-05: Diamond plastic filter mesh for filter element support.

The filter anolyte supply tube is covering a anode pipe.

PFMT-06: Plastic filter mesh tube can support the whole anode pipe.

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