Anping County Wennian Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of plastic netting and solutions across multiple industries and detailed applications.

We offer plastic nets ranging from lightweight oriented barrier fencing plastic mesh to very heavy drainage netting products. Plastic net is also widely used in construction as geogrid materials with its low cost and long service life.

Plastic geogrid can be made of three types: single direction extruded plastic mesh, double direction extruded plastic mesh and compound extruded plastic mesh.

Plastic Geogrid, Single Direction Extruded: Width: 1m or 2m; Length: 50m
Plastic Geogrid, Double Direction Extruded: Width:  4m; Length: 30m

Two hands are folding a piece of single direction extruded plastic geogrid.

Single direction extruded plastic geogrid.

A hand is bending a piece of double direction extruded plastic geogrid.

Double direction extruded plastic geogrid.

A hand is bending a piece of compound extruded plastic geogrid.

Compound extruded plastic geogrid.


  • For strengthening of construction materials;
  • For railway and road bases;
  • To strengthen the loading capacity of the bases.
Two pieces of black plastic uniaxial geogerid with different size.

PSGG-1: The sizes of plastic uniaxial geogrid can be customized.

A piece of black biaxial geogrid

PSGG-2: Biaxial geogrid with stable two-directional structure can ensure the small deformation.

A roll of black biaxial geogrid on the ground

PSGG-3: Biaxial geogrid suitable for permanent load bearing foundation reinforcement.

Two pieces of plastic uniaxial geogerid and two pieces of biaxial geogerid on the ground

PSGG-4: Plastic uniaxial geogerid and biaxial geogerid

Two rolls of plastic uniaxial geogrid on the ground

PSGG-5: Plastic uniaxial geogrid is usually delivered in the form of rolls.

A piece of black quadrangular triaxial geogrid.

PSGG-6: Quadrangular triaxial geogrid has good bearing capacity and excellent in-plane stiffness.

Black plastic biaxial geogrid used to reinforce grave in road construction

PSGG-7: Plastic biaxial geogrid can reinforce gravel, stones, cement, concrete and asphalt.

Black plastic triaxial geogrid for roadbed soil reinforcement

PSGG-8: Plastic triaxial geogrid is suitable for various soil reinforcement in roadbed, subgrade and retaining wall building.

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