Anping County Wennian Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of plastic netting and solutions across multiple industries and detailed applications.

Material: PVC
Color: Various colors available
Weaving: Plain weave
Property: Light weight and beautiful appearance
Application: Civil construction against flies and mosquito

A piece of cream-colored extrude plastic window screen with small mesh holes much smaller than housefly

PWDS-1: Cream-colored extruded plastic window screen

A piece of grey extrude plastic window screen with small mesh holes much smaller than housefly

PWDS-2: Heavy duty grey extruded plastic window screen

A roll of white plastic window screen with blue edges on black background

PWDS-3: White plain weave plastic screen with light weight.

A roll of blue plain weave plastic window screen with one end unfold on the white floor

PWDS-4: Blue plastic window screen gives a cool feeling in summer.

Specification List of Plastic Insect Screening
Variety Specification Technical Notes
Mesh/Inch Wire Gauge Roll Size
Plastic Insect Screening 12 × 12 BWG31
3" × 100"
4" × 100"
1 × 25M
1.2 × 30M
1.5 × 25M
Twisted weaving: 12 × 14 × 16 mesh;
Plain weaving: 18 × 22 × 24 mesh;
Colors available: White, blue, green, etc.
14 × 14
16 × 16
18 × 18
18 × 14
20 × 20
Six rolls of plastic screen in yellow, white, blue and green colors

PWDS-5: Plastic window screen can be in various colors, such as white, green, yellow, blue. brown.

White and green color plastic window screen

PWDS-6: Plastic insect screen suitable for civil construction against files and mosquito.

Green and white plastic insect screens are woven by screen machine

PWDS-7: Different width insect screen can be offered by us.

Plastic window screen machine in our workshop, and blue screen is woven.

PWDS-8: Plastic insect screen machine.

White plastic window screen installed to protect pool house

PWDS-9: Window insect screen for pool

White plastic window screen installed to porch

PWDS-10: Plastic window screen for porch gives bright vision and good ventilation

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