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A worker is fastening black color mine bilateral stretched plastic mesh onto the roadway sidewall.

SPM-01: Bilateral stretched plastic mine supporting mesh has high tensile strength to withstand the high impact.

In the past years, the plastic mesh used as coal mine supporting mesh is made of PE or PVC materials, which has excellent anti-flame and easy to use characters. But the tensile strength is no match for steel wires. So it is not widely popular among all the coal mine supporting mesh.

Nowadays, the mine support stretched plastic mesh is made of PP material with fire retardant, anti-static agent and other assistant. No matter the tensile strength, anti-corrosion performance or supporting performance, stable structure, the plastic meshes can match to and even superior to the steel wire meshes.

Bilateral stretched plastic mesh is stretched at the horizontal and longitudinal direction evenly to ensure the smooth and even meshes and breaking strength. Bilateral stretched plastic mesh with lightweight, economical and high strength performance is more and more popular and it is an alternative to the steel wire mesh.

Production process of bilateral stretched plastic mesh

Material → adding resistant → high speed stirring → extruded → calendering → cooling → perforating → longitudinal stretching → horizontal stretching → rolling → test.

Specifications of stretched plastic mine support mesh

  • Material: PP.
  • Mesh size: 4 mm to 10 mm.
  • Hole type: standard is square. Diamond, round or hexagonal meshes can be customized.
  • Color: white or black. Other colors are available according to your requirements.
  • Roll width: 1 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m, etc.
  • Roll length: 30 m, 50 m or 100 m.

Features of bilateral stretched mine supporting plastic mesh

  • Lightweight. At the same sizes, the bilateral stretched plastic mesh has only 1/8 weight of steel wires, which is easy to transport and operate.
  • Economical. The cost of bilateral stretched plastic mesh is much less than the steel meshes.
  • High tensile strength. The tensile strength of bilateral stretched plastic mesh has the same or superior to the steel wire meshes.
  • Anti-corrosion resistance.
  • Heat resistance. It can maintain the stable and solid structure under the 100 °C.
  • Stress cracking resistance. It has excellent flexural fatigue life to ensure the good performance.
  • Flame prevention. The fire retardant added to the material make the bilateral stretched plastic mesh excellent fire prevention performance.
A piece of black color bilateral stretched plastic mesh on the gray background.

SPM-02: Horizontal and longitudinal direction stretched process can ensure even meshes.

Several rolls of black mine support stretched plastic mesh in the warehouse.

SPM-03: The plastic is commonly supplied in rolls for convenient transporting and storage.

Related products

  • Welded wire mesh. Steel wire or reinforced bars for solid and high strength protection.
  • Chain link mesh. Flexible and soft structure for roadway roof and sidewall protection.
  • Crimped wire mesh. Crimped and woven structure for coal mine tunnel security.
  • Woven wire mesh. Simple but high tensile strength woven structure for security.
  • Steel plastic composite mesh. High tensile strength, fire retardant and great breaking strength.
A machine is installing the welded wire mesh onto mine tunnel roof.

SPM-04: Welded wire mine supporting mesh.

Four workers are installing the chain link meshes onto the roadway roof.

SPM-05: Chain link mine supporting mesh.

Several workers are installing the woven wire mesh onto tunnel roof.

SPM-06: Woven wire mine supporting mesh.

Steel plastic composite mesh is installed on the roof and sidewall of mine roadway.

SPM-07: Steel plastic composite mine supporting mesh.

Crimped wire meshes are installed at the top and side walls of coal mine roadway.

SPM-08: Crimped wire mine supporting mesh.

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